Cherry Tree on Sand Dune / charcoal and chalk


When I was on the beach today a couple people stopped to talk to me. They saw me sketching this yesterday. I asked them if they knew what type of plant it is and they said it’s a cherry. It’s branches go back down to the sand and reroot farther away from the main trunk of the plant. I’ll go back and find a Live Oak to sketch another time. I think the Live Oaks must be the trees with the layers of lichens along the path, and smaller ones on the dunes. The plants on the dunes have a bleak look.

The sun came out in my neighborhood and I wanted to go out and sketch so I went to the beach hoping to draw some waves. I want to practice drawing and painting moving water. I could hear the waves but not see them until I was down on the wet sand because it was so foggy. I stood in the fog for a while and looked down the beach. It was definitely spooky. The waves were small. The sky and sea blended together. So soft, I thought. I wondered if I could paint fog and it looks like fog. I might go back and try to paint real real smooth glazes till I get it. That might be my minimalist painting, a foggy beach. But it might not qualify as minimalist if it takes me a few layers of paint to do it. I’m not sure, since I’m not really up on defining different styles of painting. The fog was just an inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Cherry Tree on Sand Dune / charcoal and chalk”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day on the beach in it’s own right. Your drawing is really beautiful, stark and haunting! Its so wonderful when things take on this mantle in the winter….and You captured it. I can feel how cold it is! Bumming because I meant to ask my boyfriend if that’s a type of live oak. I dunno. We have live oaks here, but they are huge. We have trees like the one You’ve drawn in our dunes as well. Bill would know. But he’s asleep. Ah well! I look forward to Your paintings of fog! And the correct definitions of painting styles elude me as well, so if You say it’s minimalism….by golly I’ll believe it! 😁 Have fun and rock on!!!


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