Seaweed / charcoal and chalk


I found this sad and slightly gross thing on the beach. I went there hoping to sketch waves but the tide was out and the waves were very small so I gave up on that idea for today.

The seaweed caught my eye and it seemed appropriate for a gray day like today. I arranged it on the sand and sat on the side of a sand dune with less wind to sketch it.

I just wanted to be on the beach a little while.IMG_1988

This is a sketch I did yesterday. The waves were small then too, but today it’s practically calm. I need to sketch waves again before I start the painting I’m planning of the beach in fog. If it’s foggy the waves will be small, especially if the tide’s going out. I can give up on painting large breaking waves with sunlight showing through the curl here. I get the feeling this spot never gets waves like that. If it’s stormy the waves could be bigger but the sun wouldn’t shine through. I’ll find large waves another time.

I’m excited about my plan for this painting because I want to tape my paintbrushes onto yard sticks and stand back from my canvas to paint, like Matisse. And also, it will be a challenge because I want to try to represent fog. With less waves and less contrast, it’ll be mostly gray. I want to use warm and cool glazes close to the same value to make my grays brighter, and I also hope I can get a foggy atmosphere into the painting. It could take a few tries. The better I work out my plan before I start, the better my chances the painting will work.

17 thoughts on “Seaweed / charcoal and chalk”

      1. Yes there are. They’re just fuzzier.

        Andrew Loomis published some of the best drawing art books I’ve ever seen. Grampa had a copy of 1939’s “Fun With A Pencil” and it’s my favorite. If you can’t find a site to dowload a .pdf version, lemme know and I’ll send it via WeTransfer.

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  1. “…sad and slightly gross thing….” You are too funny! Thanks for gifting my first laugh of the day! And It’s a wonderful drawing of the little guy! Your drawing of the ocean is really lovely. I can feel the movement. Very cool. Fun reading about Your plans! I look forward to this journey! Cheers!!! 🙂


  2. It is entirely possible that “Planning” your work will ease the way to the effects you are seeking, but if you are an introspective kind of painter, it will be easier to master your objective if you simply relax and allow your subconscious mind to flow through your brushes. Of course, that is only an opinion. I am already entranced by the beauty you have managed to capture in the most ordinary things … like those waves on that beach … reminds me of something I witnessed and experienced during my days on the shores of Lake Superior in Canada.

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    1. Thanks, John, I do have a plan, but sometimes go off from it. I’m not sure my subconscious can be trusted. It’s not a reliable decision maker, and I find myself making a thousand decisions in every painting, so I try to stay more alert to what I’m doing, by taking frequent breaks and then looking at my drawing or painting later and deciding if it’s what I want. I know a lot of artists like the subconscious to come out in their work. I try to minimize that. I don’t want the world to see the cobwebs in there. 😉 Thanks for visiting and talking!

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      1. I perceive that you are a very fine craftsman and I must say your work shows it beyond all argument! I find it absolutely incredible that the kind of beauty glowing forth from your work can be achieved deliberately but I am so glad it can be because the experience of it is exhilarating!

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      2. Thanks so much! That’s just my inspiration showing through. I do find it exhilarating to draw and paint nature in the most beautiful real estate around! It is my interpretation though, even though it’s called realism, and my subjects are beautiful, it would be impossible to keep my love of it out of the drawing. I appreciate your noticing my work and play!

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    1. Don’t worry about a mess. All art can get messy 😉 If you knew how much fun it is to hang around on the beach and sketch waves you would join me. It’s a zen thing, my friend.. Thanks for stopping by and talking.


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