Path Through Sand Dunes / blue pastel, charcoal and chalk on orange paper


Let me tell you about a very strange encounter I had with dogs on the beach.

Dogs really love me. I don’t know why. I like dogs but I’m not trying to find dog friends. I can’t even count all the times dogs have run hundreds of yards ahead of their masters just to meet me. I always ignore them and continue walking. I don’t look at them or talk to them or pet them. They put their wet noses on my hand and go back to their owners. I guess dogs can tell I’m not afraid of them, but I think it’s bad manners of the owners to let their dogs run up to strangers on the beach, or anywhere.

The other day I pulled into a parking spot for the beach and saw a bunch of people with big breed dogs at the entrance to the beach. They were just milling around. There were a couple kids no taller than the dogs and the dogs weren’t barking or jumping. I thought it must be a meeting of the big dog club. A couple of the dogs were big enough for the kids to ride. If I had a dog that big I’d make him a harness and train him to lug my stuff.

I decided to walk through the dogs and people to get to the beach. As I went down the cement steps two of the dogs went with me. One x large black dog and another brown dog of retriever size followed me onto the sand. It was real windy so I put down my water bottle to zip up my coat. The dogs stood beside me on the sand and a man was calling the black dog named Zeus, but Zeus didn’t go to his owner. I still didn’t look at the dogs and I called up to the man, “He’s mine now!” The man said, “You can have him!” So, I turned toward the beach not looking at these two dogs who were walking beside me. The people stayed at the top of the stairs and yelled for their dogs and for me to wait. This is funny because I ignored the dogs and the people yelling and walked down to the water with the dogs following me. When I got to the water I turned around and sent the dogs back to their owners. I walked on alone for a little while, but it was too windy. I guess that’s why the other people didn’t go down on the beach after their dogs.

Does that seem weird to you?

I wonder why there isn’t a leash law around here. If you swear on the beach you can get fined $100, but people don’t train or leash their dogs. Some of those dogs are smarter than their masters. It would only be fair if I walked off with their dog and held it for ransom. Right? I could catch one every day.

6 thoughts on “Path Through Sand Dunes / blue pastel, charcoal and chalk on orange paper”

    1. Thanks about the drawing. Yeah, I guess that’s how it is with the leash laws. but one lady told me they don’t allow dogs at Back Bay any more. It’s a longer drive, but I might go down there to the beach this summer to avoid the dogs if they are still on the north beach when the tourist season starts.

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  1. Hi Chris, I like your approach, the whole plein air thing too, although it’s years since I hauled my paints outside. On chalk and pastel drawings – fixative, and by that I mean a clear spray such as hair spray, changes the effect, usually robbing it of freshness, yet without it the surface is vulnerable. What do you do? On dogs, I avoid them though they like me. Dog owners here (Australia) usually have better manners, have their dogs on a leash and are aware of other’s needs. We have dog beach nearby.


    1. hi Joe, I don’t use fixative on my pastels because it darkens the colors. I just put a piece of glassene (darn, I don’t know how to spell it) paper over them and put them in my flat file unless I frame them under glass.
      Funny about dogs, isn’t it? So many people have them and don’t train them. Oh well, I never got bit. I moved here about 6 months ago. Maybe that area is the dog beach and if you want to avoid dogs you have to go to the area where you have to pay to park. I don’t know. I like the free parking at the north beach and at the state park where there are many dogs.


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