Eastern Redbud / charcoal chalk and pastel / with photos


Here’s a strappy young redbud for you, appropriately planted in the childrens garden. It looks like it had a growth spurt last year but didn’t fill in yet.

I filled in the background with pastel on this study because I had some smears that wouldn’t erase all the way, and also to make the light on the tree show up more on the light paper.

It’s fun to spot these redbuds when you’re driving. They’re out there by the side of the road all wild and crazy. They don’t get very big but they’re bright and cheery when they bloom. Then when the flowers are down they blend back into the underbrush and you can’t see them again until next spring.

Some other trees of interest are in the photos below.IMG_2020

This tree has roots that have been formed into a circular bench all the way around  for people to sit on or kids to climb on. I wonder how they got the roots to take that shape.IMG_2021

Can you see in this photo how they criss-crossed the stems of these crepe myrtles to make xs? I like the window pane effect of it. And some of the trees look like they merged together into one at the places where the stems cross. Isn’t that a cool thing to do with crepe myrtles?

3 thoughts on “Eastern Redbud / charcoal chalk and pastel / with photos”

  1. So the 1st eastern bud is a photo? You shaded the background in?
    It is quite surreal in its existence, as I thought you drew it.
    How is the humidity there? Perhaps that’s why the trees can develop those roots, and the crepe myrtles can grow into each other?
    Beautiful post.

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    1. That’s my sketch of a redbud. The other 2 trees are photos.
      Yes it is humid here but i think they did something to build up the roots so high off the ground. I never knew crepe myrtles would grow together like that. They probably forced them to join some how.
      Thanks about the post and also for visiting and talking.
      Have a good day over there! We got rain today

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