pink lilies / pastel


I don’t know the name of these lilies, I didn’t see a plaque. It was nice standing in the shade of the magnolia tree to sketch them. It’s getting hot and muggy out there this afternoon but I got started at 9:30 and it wasn’t bad standing still to draw.

I worked on this for 2. I/2 hours and took a few breaks to sit down on a shaded bench. I’m more comfortable standing up to draw because I can concentrate better on my feet and sitting down to draw makes my back tired. It’s harder to hold my sketchbook comfortably sitting down, since I don’t take my easel when I’m using my small sketchbooks.

I spotted two more places in the shade where I can draw yellow day lilies and some reddish ruffly oriental lilies. After I get those two varieties sketched I’ll pick the one that looks best and do a painting.

9 thoughts on “pink lilies / pastel”

  1. Lovely. I too like you choice of paper. I’m curious, though, when you say you will do a painting, what medium. Most of my friends who work in Pastel consider them paintings.

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    1. I hear people call pastel paintings. I call it drawing because it’s dry and I think of paint as a wet medium. I was getting a plan worked out for an oil painting by doing a few different types of lilies. I settled on the ruby spider lilies and did a few more pastels then painted trying to copy Matisse’s style with the brush on a stick. That was fun and weird. I’ll try again with another kind of flower
      Thanks about the pastel sketch!


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