Diana after Powers / charcoal


Yesterday was too hot to draw outside so I went to the Chrysler Museum to sketch. I worked on it for a little over an hour and went back today and was there  for another hour or so. I can’t tell if this looks like the marble bust or not.

I’d like to try to paint a portrait but I don’t want to pay a model. I could do a self portrait but I don’t enjoy looking at my reflection. So I’ll see if I can paint Diana like a fauve. If it comes out ugly she won’t be offended.

I don’t care too much if I mess it up. I’ll do my best, but no guarantees. I have practically no ego for an artist. Should I blame my parents for that or thank them?

My art school was a trade school but I learned to draw and paint in the traditional ways. That doesn’t mean I don’t like modern art.  Is it really important to stick to a certain style? I don’t think so, but there are people who tell an artist to pick a medium or style and stick to it. I heard a juror say, “Don’t mix two different styles.” I didn’t ask for the reason and I don’t know the styles well enough to know if I’m doing that, but I thought she was talking to me.

I like looking at photography even though I don’t do it. I like a lot of modern art even though my attempts to do it don’t usually work out. Most artists try different things and go through their phases. Matisse, who I always liked, tried fauvism so I want to try it too. I’ll use this sketch.

10 thoughts on “Diana after Powers / charcoal”

  1. This looks really good, though I’ve never personally seen the bust. Also, when it comes to style, I personally have tried many things, and from what I’ve learned and researched, if you study an artists style that you like, the main thing to take away is to try and see how to incorporate the aspects you like from their style into your own work. That way you can develop your own personal art style.

    Just remember to draw/paint what you love, and never be afraid to experiment with new ideas, styles and techniques. Exploration is a great way to learn and find new ways to create wonderful pieces of art! ^^

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I’m not happy with this sketch though. I’m trying to do a better one at home using this one as a starter and drawing it from far away with a piece of charcoal taped to a yard stick like Matisse. The first try came out looking like a werewolf! hahahah Second try better, third try bad again, fourth try not too too bad. I’ll keep working on it. I find portraiture difficult.

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      1. No problem! And I wish you the best of luck during your practice. Drawing using a piece of charcoal attached to a yard stick sounds very challenging, but it also sounds like it’d be a lot of fun to try. ^^ And yeah, portraiture is fairly difficult, but, I suppose as with anything, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. So keep at it, and don’t give up Chris! 🙂

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  2. Portraiture IS difficult. I have some friends in the VaBch area that might sit for you for free. You might contact the Suffolk Art League as well for potential models, or they may have life drawing sessions there. Often these cost as little as $5-10 to sit in on.
    I think she looks like a statue and maybe that’s not a good thing? Or makes it feel off since our minds would prefer humans to look human?

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    1. I need more portrait practice. You know people at VA Beach? Suffolk Art League. I’ll look them up. thanks! I met a few artists here but I’m not sure if I’m in the plain air group or if they aren’t doing anything or what, because I haven’t heard from them for a long time. Where are you?


      1. Yes, I use to live in VaBch. My friend Debbie Hill was associated with the Suffolk Art League for many years as a volunteer/staff. I’m actually not sure if she is as active as she was, though she still promotes them on FB. You could mention that you know a friend of hers. I will contact my other friends and tell them you are looking for models. They are all arty people in one way or another and may be obliging. One happily works for beer ; )

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  3. “If it comes out ugly she won’t be offended.” Ahaha so true! I was thinking you could ask a friend, but that’s the trouble with most free/friend models, I’ll bet, they want to turn out well! Love what you said about ego too. I sort of feel that in your writing, that you have “practically no ego for an artist.” I think that’s why I like it! Lol about blaming or thanking your parents for that. I’d say thank, first off, but in the end your question does make one think.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, my lack of ego will make it so I never get noticed by the art world even with blue hair. The thing about models for portraits is that models expect to be paid and I’m not investing any more money in the art world which is as corrupt as politics or the church in my humble opinion.

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