Wind Swept Trees / charcoal and chalk


I can draw outside if it’s 40*F, like today, but the wind coming off the water stopped me from getting out of my car.  It’s too blustery.

I went back to Fort Monroe to work on my sketch of the Battery De Russy and then changed my mind and drew these trees while sitting in my car. The battery is so long, I was planning to extend my sketch from before onto another paper and continue  drawing the architecture. It would have been awkward to hold my sketchbook in the wind. Forget  about standing up my easel. The wind would blow my drawing board away.

These trees were on my list of things I want to sketch there, so I got into drawing them  today. The battery will take a long time. I’ll get back to it another day.

I kind of like these trees. Think I’ll prime a canvas for it. This could be a painting I can do at home on rainy days.

6 thoughts on “Wind Swept Trees / charcoal and chalk”

  1. I like your trees. During the summer I did a bit of plein air sketching (and painting, once) when I could. I really enjoyed getting outside with my drawing pencils. Now, of course, winter is here in the Midwest, and it’s much too cold for me to even think of getting out. I might be able to find a few scenic places where I can sit in the car and sketch. This is such a good time of year for sketching trees. 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah, you are getting some real wintery weather out there. It’s still mild here but rainy a lot of days. I’d rather stand up to sketch but I can sit if I have to. I hope you can enjoy drawing in plein air again soon. Thanks about the trees, and thanks for your thoughts.

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      1. Sketching in a car definitely can be a bit awkward. Sometimes on cold days, I’ll just try to quickly grab a few photos and then work from them. It’s not the same as being out in nature, though.

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