alternative media for plein air sketching / watercolor pencils


It’s fun to try different media and techniques. This is a close up of my first attempt using Aquarelle watercolor pencils, which were recommended to me by my blogging friend, Vivienne Lingard. I’m looking for something that would be easier to transport than oil paint and the supplies I need for oils. I tried oil paint sticks and they’re bright but clunky to draw with. Pastels can be heavy to take out in Plein air, but sometimes I pick a few to take along if I can guess what colors I’ll need, so I don’t have to lug my whole box of pastels down a path. There’s also a wide variety of markers I could use in plein air. And my old favorite, charcoal and chalk.img_2189

I sketched a few Chinese Paperbush flowers from memory for my watercolor pencil  experiment since I’m not finished with that painting and I want more practice drawing the flowers.

I have very little experience with watercolors, so this will take practice.

This winter weather is keeping me at home too much. I think I’ll check out the Virginia Beach Aquarium and find some bright fish to draw if they don’t object to colored pencils.

3 thoughts on “alternative media for plein air sketching / watercolor pencils”

  1. Love the colour in sketch 2 Chris. One thing, re aquarelle. Try and think of using the colour as if a block of paint. Sounds weird eh? Say, inside the outlines of a petal/leaf etc. Hatch colour in one direction, keeping pressure on or off the pencil, depending how strong you’d like the tone to be. Then move the wetted brush in the same direction as the hatch. If you don’t want the outlines to bleed, try light graphite first, and once colour is dry sketch the contour in. oh, another important thing, is to only wet the paper, never the pencil end. Apologies for the missive. Vivienne

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