Chinese Paperbush / oil


Do you ever get the feeling a painting is speaking to you? Because I think this painting has something to say, but I can’t interpret it. It’s talking too fast.

First it’s saying something about music, then it’s something about my life. Then it’s telling me something about blooming in the winter, refreshing cool air.  Something else about an altered state of consciousness that an artist gets into when they’re painting. It’s easier than you think it will be. What else?

What does it look like to you, dear reader? Is it only a representation of a pretty bush or does it have a message that you can see?

I went back to the garden 3 times since my last post to work on this in Plein air. I don’t know if you can see all the changes I made on it.

26 thoughts on “Chinese Paperbush / oil”

  1. I can see you brought more structure into its branching and that the new loots at the bottom got a higher visibility. My first thought went to Moses, who got his first instruction from a burning bush (Christians believe it was a bramble) where a divine force identified itself as “I am that I am”. The tradition wants that the bush wasn’t consumed by the fire. In the end, lots of paper-bushes have also contributed to the spreading of knowledge and culture.

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  2. You have added more branches to the tree. Or maybe I don’t remember right. I didn’t look back but I remember seeing this.

    I think it looks eerie because it looks like light is reflecting from the ground up but more than that, It’s crisp like a cold winter. At least that’s what I feel when I look at it.

    Does it matter? I mean that in the sense that sometimes I don’t know if I am supposed to like something for another reason or if juat liking it because it’s somehow alluring is enough.

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  3. Everything I offer, of course, is projection – having said that, I find myself photographing similar images – life behind the barren branches. For me, I think it is the confirmation that even though I am aging, and less visible in the world, I have a rich background validating me.

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      1. Chris … Life got way complicated and chaotic shortly after I received you email. I am so sorry I haven’t replied. When I went to reply finally, I couldn’t find it! I probably did something stupid. I do still want the piece. Email me again so we don’t have to clog your comments…. Thanks

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