Orchid with buds / mixed media


I drew this much larger than life so I could do the detail of the red veins in the petals but it’s showing up on my computer screen close to the actual size of the orchid.

The flowers are oil paint sticks and the background and the yellow inside the petals is watercolor. I also used my yellow paint stick in the petals.IMG_2202

This is my charcoal sketch from the day before. The bud opened up a lot in one day. I erased this sketch when I went over it with the paint sticks, so I redrew the flower on the left using the paint sticks. I didn’t need to do it again with charcoal because it’s easier the second time.

There are a few more orchids I’d like to draw. I’m not sure if I’ll do it this year or wait till next year because one lady working in there said, “Oh, you’re back.” She didn’t sound happy about it and I ignored her, but now I feel like I should try to find times when she’s not there if I draw in the greenhouse again.

I love gardeners despite that important lady. Gardeners grow my inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Orchid with buds / mixed media”

  1. OK, so I looked up the botanical garden’s website, and it seems that you can be a member, or you can pay an admission fee each time you visit. To me, paying to be in a place means I should be able to enjoy that place in any manner I want to as long as I’m not causing harm or inconvenience. I suspect the “you’re back” lady just has some personal grouch problem that has nothing to do with you in particular. Go to the garden and enjoy your drawing!

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    1. Yes, I’m a member and I went back yesterday and walked for miles. Daffodils are blooming so I’ll just stay out of the greenhouse.
      I’m like Rodney Dangerfield. I don’t get no respect.
      Thanks for the support, Alli.

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