Star Magnolia / charcoal, chalk and pastel


Sketching is more important to me than painting at this point in time. In a few weeks I’ll be moved into my new apartment, then I’ll have time to start on a landscape painting. I have a lot of my things packed but if I keep making a little progress every day on that job it’ll be under control on moving day. I’ve moved so many times in the past 15 years that it’s no big deal anymore. In fact it makes me feel free to know if anything bugs me about the place I can leave. I don’t have too much stuff.

It’s great to get out to sketch even if it’s cloudy. And sketching regularly will make me a better painter, if what our teachers at YAA told us is true. It will take years, but you just have to keep at it even if you only have a couple hours to sketch some flowers.

These flowers change fast. I sat down for a few minutes and when I looked at my sketch again the petals had moved. At first they have a pale pink line and as soon as they open they start to yellow.

Next time it doesn’t rain I’ll try to sketch some purple magnolias.

12 thoughts on “Star Magnolia / charcoal, chalk and pastel”

  1. Are the star magnolia already in bloom?!

    This makes me long for April when we see the flowers of all the magnolias bloom at Winterthur except, of course, Grandiflora.

    Best with your focus on sketching….Wonderful and good that you show it here….Sarah

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      1. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I have posts which may interest you of nature in all its glory from Winterthur, Mt. Cuba, Longwood Gardens etc.

        I probably should not say but I don’t seem to blog to be followed. Not that it is not nice being followed. More for the pleasure of the photos I take and conserving those photos; and for working out in writing what I actually think of whatever it is (usually art……).

        But, nonetheless, I hope you will from time to time find eye candy on the blog of real interest to you!………Best, Sarah

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      2. Yes, I saw some eye candy on your blog! We have something in common. I’m trying to follow more blogs. I don’t want to lose any of the ones I like in case I have a problem when WordPress finally forces us to use their new editor.

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