Magnolias / pastel


These flowers are so big when they open that only one will fit on this size sketchbook paper. If the weather holds up I’ll go back with more paper next time.

If I do a painting of this tree I’ll only do a few branches not the whole tree. Maybe next year. I’ll put a piece of glassine paper over this sketch to save it. Most of the time I just put the sketch back in my sketchbook and they get smeared.

There’s also some lichens I want to sketch before it gets crowded at Seashore St. Park. I love their texture.

And I have a great plan to produce a video of a conceptual art piece on the beach. It’s still too cold for that but I’m excited about this movie I want to make. It’s a secret. You will freak out. My daughter said she’ll help me with it.

10 thoughts on “Magnolias / pastel”

  1. Your flower art is beautiful! What type of medium do you use for sketches? It looks light it might be chalk? IDK? I might have asked this before, I’m not sure? But are you sketching more in doors because of the weather? However, with that said, Daylight Savings Time begins in just 5 days, March 10th! So plein air time is just around the corner and Spring begins in 15 days. Love the pink and magenta colors! Where do you find your inspiration during the winter months?

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    1. These flowers are pastel with some charcoal and chalk. Winter is mild around here and a lot of flowers were blooming so I got outside to sketch a lot. I did sketch in a greenhouse too because it rained so much. Sometimes I do another type of art if the weather is bad for a long time. Inspiration is everywhere if an artist’s mind isn’t cluttered with obligations, distractions and stress. YEA! Spring! Thanks about the sketch and thanks for your thoughts.

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      1. Your welcome! I guess the effects of El Nino and global warming has its advantages. The weather has been mild here too! Although we just experienced a winter storm and I thought that is why you did some “indoor art.” Well thanks for sharing your work. Art is one of those things that brighten the soul and helps lifts the mind. It looks like some folks take a liking to your work. Always a positive and empowering experience.

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      2. Sigmund Freud associated the creative capacity to write with wanting to have a baby. But I think any form of creative work that allows one to create fills this requirement. I think about all the male artists of the past, like Michelangelo, Picassco, etc., and think did they REALLY want a vagina so as to bring forth life? Maybe. Who knows? LOL!!

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