6 thoughts on “Ghost Crab Cafe”

  1. Very entertaining watching how they can shift directions with all those legs and never really turn their bodies around. I’ve always thought of crabs moving in the traditional sideways direction, but these guys were all over the place. The other curiosity I’ve noticed, not just with crabs but also lobsters, is how one claw is always at least twice the size of the other. Not sure of the purpose. But it’s fun to watch how daintily they lifted each morsel of sardine from the can!

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    1. They do move around in funny ways, don’t they! They can go so fast you can’t keep an eye on them. I had to cut some minutes from my shots to make it fit on YouTube, so that action got lost, but it was fun to sit right in the middle of them. They were scuttling all around me and I was trying not to move so I wouldn’t scare them. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your thoughts!

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