self portrait / unfinished charcoal


Do I look like this? I don’t know. It’s not finished. My hair is brown and gray with a blue fringe, and I usually wear glasses. I’d like to do my self portrait with my fun “bucket list” hair do. I’m not drawing the glasses.

It’s hot and humid out today so I decided to try to sketch myself. I have my easel in the bathroom in front of the mirror. There’s enough room to walk around it but the light isn’t good. I worked on the sketch for an hour or so then did other things and then went back to it. I’d like to put some pastel in for color.

I’m not photogenic. There’s a photo of me somewhere but I don’t keep them. The good thing about doing a self portrait from life is that maybe I could make myself younger looking. Then I could say, look, I don’t need to buy the app for that! hahaha I’ll try to finish this so the blue stays in my hair forever on the blog.


21 thoughts on “self portrait / unfinished charcoal”

      1. I just looked to see where you are located and realized that you are also in PA! Hope you didn’t suffer any storm damage from the other day! I’m at the bottom of Bucks county and we had a turn being under a tornado warning yesterday evening, but, nothing really happened just very dark and torrents of rain!

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      2. Aha, VA is not so far away and very beautiful, I might add! – I have vacationed there a couple of times (Williamsburg) and one day I hope to go back! Me too, I’m glad the tornado didn’t appear and suck me up into the sky!! As you know, real tornado’s very rarely DO in PA, but it does feel a little scary when they issue a warning, regardless!

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      3. I was in a tornado once long ago when I worked in Petersburg VA. Very scary. It tore a wall down in the warehouse where we worked. I heard that sound of a freight train going 100 mph but didn’t know it was a tornado until I saw the sky where the wall should have been and 100 years of dust fell down on our heads. I heard a scream and it was me screaming. I was the first one out of there. I think I flew out the door. The cars were ok. No one got hurt. The tornado kept going and tore up a Walmart.

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      4. Wow, that sounds so scary, Chris! So YOU have concrete proof that “If you hear a sound like a freight train, run for cover!” Does that make you worry more about tornado warnings, knowing the reality like that? Sounds like the stuff of nightmares! and also sounds like it was pretty amazing that no one was hurt!

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  1. I love your sense of humour Chris! I once painted myself and never published the painting. I have done a few other self portraits somewhere along the way. A selfie painting is much more difficult than people realize. Maybe I should find some courage and try again. But I admire your way of looking at this task…a bucket list of elements if I can say that…longer hair (me too) fewer wrinkles, yup! Regards from 🇨🇦

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    1. I find the self portrait to be difficult too. And I don’t really like looking at my reflection. I’m going to eliminate the wrinkles in my selfie. Thanks for your support!


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