self portrait with bucket list hair / pastel


As I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom to work on this, I turned it around to look at the reflection. That’s an old way to check if your drawing is working, look at the reflection then you can see your mistakes better. I thought it kind of looks like me as I was working, but when I turned it around to see it in the mirror I thought, oh no. It looks like a primitive. Well, portraiture ain’t easy and I’ll try again some time. I have to keep challenging myself to do the difficult projects or I’ll never improve. Can’t say I’m afraid of failure, I can’t tell if it’s working or not anyway.

I wanted to make myself look younger. In real life I’m not trying to hide my age. I understand people that do, though. I’ll never get plastic surgery. I might not draw all the wrinkles.

Once I saw an art show where the artist wanted to make women feel better about their self images. She got a bunch of her friends drunk for nude photo shoots for her paintings. The models hid their faces from the camera with their hair or hats, or the photo was from the back. Then she enlarged the figures to around 8′ and painted them in acrylic with the scars, fat folds and skin blemishes in tight detail. The paintings were imposing larger than life. They were in your face “feminism”, I guess. I didn’t enjoy looking at them. When I was in art school we’d have got mocked out of town by our teachers if we painted scars or skin problems. Fat was ok. The only female model that was dependable was obese.

I was thinking how ironic it was that the obese model from long ago was ok nude without getting drunk first but the models for the woman self image empowerment project hid their faces after drinking wine. As for me personally, my clothes don’t come off. hahahah but I wondered if the women’s lib feel good about your body no matter what project actually did make anyone feel better.  It made me feel bad for the models. I couldn’t look. And I consider myself to be a liberated woman.  So for my self portrait, I’d like to make myself look better than real life. I don’t know if I was successful.

About my bucket list, I’m glad I didn’t wait till my hair is totally gray to do this. And I live at Virginia Beach, which today is suffering, including me when I think about the murders, but I think it’s mainly a fun place where people aren’t too surprised to see blue hair.

The other things on my bucket list are going to happen too because they’re all reasonable goals. Then if I have some warning before I die, I can say, yeah, I did that. It was fun.

14 thoughts on “self portrait with bucket list hair / pastel”

  1. Since I don’t know what you look like in the first place, I can honestly say that you did quite an interesting portrait. There’s a definite look, a mood or an attitude, but it’s open to interpretation. Which in my book is what makes a good portrait, much more so than an exact likeness.

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  2. Condolences for the tragedy at Virginia Beach.

    I can’t tell, of course, how close this is to you, even a younger you. I do know that portraiture is the most difficult art because humans are so marked up as individuals, if you understand me. But I didn’t really know it until I saw an exhibition of Berthe Morisot, the French woman Impressionist. The results of her portraits were pale when compared with her other work.

    But I am admiring of your trying and doing what you have on that list! I like hair of all colours!

    Looking forward to more experimentation. Looking forward, of course, to less ageism all round, too! Sarah

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    1. Thanks Sarah, My daughter was pretty shaken up by the murders. Her hubby used to work there and knew the people that got killed. now he works in Norfolk.
      I get it about the difficulties with portraiture. I didn’t know Morisot’s portraits paled to her other paintings. I’ll look her up.
      As the baby boomers get older maybe there will be less ageism. I’m one of the younger of that generation. The older ones can fix it for me. 😉

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      1. It is the dread of all our lives to be involved in these ‘random’ shootings somewhere.

        People say that we are a freer people now than we were 10, 20, 100 years ago. It is true but then people keep dying for nothing as in Virginia Beach.

        I’ll be getting round to posting the Morisot soon.

        Courage, as the French, say to your daughter and her husband. Sarah

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      2. Thanks Sarah, The insanity is everywhere.
        The highway signs say “VB Strong” .
        We got no shortage of courage around here since half the population is military.
        I still feel safe, but then, I don’t have to go out in the insanity to work at a job.
        Looking forward to seeing your post on Morisot. She’s a favorite of many women artists.


  3. I think you did a really nice job with your self-portrait. I remember I was having issues with sketching people and worrying about exactness. During my one and only semester of a drawing class, the teacher asked his students to turn our people photos upside down and begin drawing. He felt that in this manner our brains will observe the pics as inanimate objects or even just landscapes. When we were done with our projects and turned our drwings right side up, the finished works were actually quite acceptable, surprising if not remarkable.

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