Crepe Myrtles / pastel study


It’s not finished. I have the leaves sketched in charcoal but I might not fill them in. The flower is the fun part.

This is close to life size on a 9 x 12 paper. The tree is next to my apartment and I stood on my balcony to draw it. The blossoms are starting to fall down on my car.

I’m glad I did this pastel today because I put it off while I watched Lucifer on Netflix. The devil is a good looking British chap. Did I feel guilty about abandoning my art for a week while I binge watched Lucifer? Not at all. And I learned that you don’t go to hell unless you feel guilty. So, that means I should be ok.

I think I’ll go to Back Bay next and try watercolor again.

9 thoughts on “Crepe Myrtles / pastel study”

  1. I forget that you are a fair bit south of me and you will see blooms earlier. I was just wondering the other day: when are the crepe myrtles coming? In winter, they look dead. Completely never to come back to life. So strange! Look forward to your finishing the crepe myrtle because really I cannot wait for the real ones here to start blossoming!

    I have learned something even more positive: there is no hell. It’s all in the mind which is why, I suppose, if you don’t feel guilty, you don’t get to go there. It doesn’t exist for real. It’s in your mind and if you don’t feel guilty, your mind isn’t sending you there. So wonderful!


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    1. Some crepe myrtles I drew a few years ago in Hanover co. VA. didn’t bloom until July. those were late bloomers. We probably have an early blooming of most of the varieties here, though, since it’s semitropical.
      They have a lot of interesting views in that Lucifer series. And some of it is a real scream! I have my doubts about all that stuff.
      Thanks for your thoughts!


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