my pride and joy / Sarah


My daughter won an award, “Millennials On The Move”. She’s in a magazine, “CoV Biz”. Sarah is very active in the community, Norfolk VA.

My dear departed ex-husband and I had problems but we were united on one thing. Sarah was #1 to both of us. He would be bursting with pride if he could see this. She is our only child and she’s not spoiled.

I don’t know how to put the whole article on this post, but Sarah said she’d come over this week and help me with that.

One of my blogging friends put the link in the comments. Thanks, Sarah.

Isn’t she pretty? Her Dad was a good looking guy. She gets her genius brain and creativity from me. hahahahaha As her mother, I have to take the credit, because if she turned out bad I’d get blamed. But she went far on her own after I turned her loose on the world.

21 thoughts on “my pride and joy / Sarah”

    1. I don’t know how to “like” posts on here! I barely use this site these days so apologize I can’t return the favor: Thanks for your like to one of my posts recently. πŸ™‚

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    I read he article, Chris, which I have attached above. Everything she says generates her commitment and her appreciation of her natural and urban communities; and her aliveness. Congratulations to her and to you, too.

    I know – we all do – how hard it can be to raise an autonomous and healthy child all the way to adulthood and so I will believe that you have a large part of this. And you should be proud!


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