funny plein air pix

Do you think this art has a meaning?  Sometimes I look for meaning in art and there is really no meaning. Could he be making fun of plein air artists that don’t “copy” nature?  Anyway, thanks for the laughs, Hank Schmidt in der Beek and Fabian Schubert.


See the entire post here.


Artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert

Isn’t this guy genius?

Artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert

22 thoughts on “funny plein air pix”

  1. The number of annoyed comments on the original article is interesting!

    I imagine that this is about egocentrism and about what we see and don’t see and how disconnected many of us are from whatever physical surroundings we find ourselves in including those we take ourselves to.

    I think it is in the tradition of the Surrealists and also Monty Python and Jon Stewart and Colbert and SNL.

    As to why the artists are making the same point again and again, I don’t know except that the human condition being illustrated is endemic and so why not illustrate it again and again?! Like Andy Warhol’s portraits?



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  2. The other idea which came to me is this.

    The shirts, cardigans and pullovers which the artist is wearing are colourful and rather individualistic. I see how much many of us want to impose ourselves on or infiltrate ourselves noticeably into our surroundings. The louder and the more jarring the better. Because we are not ‘alive’ if we do not do this. We are not alive unless someone sees us, sees us seeing ourselves, too.

    This is connected to the commercialization of the whole celebrity routine. We can pretend to be a celebrity for as long as we are wearing celebrity wear.

    And then we go out in the world, displaying ourselves in ‘it’ and all that counts is for others to see ‘it’ and how savvy, fashionable, on point we are.

    And, of course, the important thing is to be, be seen, and consume.

    All the more kudos to your daughter who acts in the world, who does something involving others in her community. Does. Acts. Effects. Changes.

    ?? Sarah

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  3. My last comment I suppressed as soon as it came to me because it makes me anxious! Then I thought: Don’t be silly. So now, awaiting July 4, I am having a little fortifying sherry!

    Happy 4th! Sarah

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    1. Thanks Sarah, you could be exactly right about it. Don’t let it bug you. If that is the intended meaning it is how the world is, and especially the art world. We have to live with it and laugh at it too. My daughter, Sarah helped me make the post. You have a happy 4th too.

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  4. Your post reminds me of the controversial painting our government bought many years ago which is now in our National Gallery here in Ottawa. It is three vertical stripes on canvas. Lots of talk for and against on that purchase that continues to this day! Happy 4th!

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  5. If art doesn’t emotionally move you (in any direction, including raising your ire) it doesn’t mean a whole lot. A ton of people trashed the impressionists and then look what happened…!

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    1. Yeah. doesn’t that seem lame when artists have to make you mad to get noticed? But the original impressionists were truly inspired and made beautiful paintings. It was only the art establishment that rejected them, as far as I know.


  6. My sister-in-law did a series of digitally-created petroglyphs because she thought it would be hoot to recreate ancient art with a modern tool. Whatever else painting your own shirt all over the world might mean, the artist looks like he’s having the time of his life doing it. Sometimes sharing the fun is all that’s necessary.

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    1. Digitally created petroglyphs sound interesting. Having fun is good enough for me, and I bet those two guys get a kick out of what they’re doing. I also think it’s fun to metaphorically stomp on the art establishment toes. I got on a real laughing jag when I was in high school and saw Mountains Table Anchors Navel, by Arp (dada) Then I was mad at Duchamp for years about the urinal fountain. Now I don’t care about the urinal fountain any more. So, if they’re making people mad, I don’t care. I’m still laughing at the pix. Thanks for your thoughts.


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