#she rises


Here’s a mural with the spirit I love about Virginia. It’s like our state seal except now she has more arms and she’s a mermaid. This mural has a lot to say. It’s about woman empowerment to me but it’s also about modern times and issues.

She’s not human so maybe she’s a goddess.IMG_2290

That looks like the eye of an Egyptian goddess in the sun.IMG_2287

These could be wind turbines with a lighthouse. You can get your boat in safely here. Maybe the wind turbines are in the mural because some people don’t want  to see them out there in the water. As for me, I don’t care. If I want to paint the ocean and the turbines are there, I could either paint them or not.IMG_2286

I think this is a waterspout or tornado that could be dangerous to the city buildings. And also here’s a blade to kill the tyrant, but he has so many ways to die in this mural.

One funny thing about the real VA. state seal is that every once in a while some idiot in our elite ruling class wants to change the seal and put a bra on Virginia. I keep thinking it’s a joke, but they’re serious about it.IMG_2288

Why do the politicians worry about that nipple when things more serious are happening? I’ll tell you why. They know they could be the tyrant and a woman could rise up against them. It’s fear of feminine power. Virginia, she did it before and she can do it again, knocking down the tyrant. People think sic temper tyrannis means death to tyrants but it really means thus always to tyrants. The tyrant isn’t dead yet. Does she spare his life?IMG_2285

Notice the nipple design is repeated in the forehead? hahahahaha Take that nipple haters!

The artist that designed the mural is John Hutchinson.  He and his friend, Igor who has a design business,  worked on the mural overtime for 18 days with hours put in by other guys too, and my hair stylist, Burcu helped, she’s married to John. It’s at 17 and 1/2 St. and Baltic in Virginia Beach.

4 thoughts on “#she rises”

  1. I much appreciate this mural and your sentiments and your post, Chris.

    I am not optimistic about where we in the West generally are. Not because the entire political class is rotten – it isn’t. Not because there aren’t many, many good people working to ameliorate life for people.

    But because of the role of money in our politics and because of the control of our economies by a small number of people relative to the population as a whole. Until you cannot buy the Congress, this is going to continue.


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    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I think we should end the federal reserve bank. They’re not elected. They’re not held accountable. They cause recession and depression. They’re only a bunch of rich bankers that will make money off the misfortunes of others when their arbitrary manipulations of the interest rates cause mayhem with the economy. But, in general, I don’t trust politicians, so if anyone calls me prejudice to a group, they could be right. It’s the big tax payer dollars that draws in life long politicians. The ones that see a problem and get elected to fix that problem then go back to working at a regular job are the ones that aren’t motivated by greed. Do you trust the fed? They’re as federal as fed ex.


  2. I forgot to say that I smiled when you asked why politicians worry about the nipple.

    The politicians and other influential groups worry about women’s whole bodies. The nipple is just, as it were, the tip of the iceberg in the ranked hierarchies of what they are worried about when it comes to the female body! Sarah

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