Blue Horse, Red Sky, Yellow Grass watercolor


This time I wanted to let the horizon line bleed. It was out of control because of the paper warping and I let it go. For a second I considered trying to stop it, then I said, let it bleed.

It was fun watercolor practice. I think I’ll do another horse. There are so many possibilities with how to go about watercolor, I’m just kind of playing around. Play is a good way to learn.

I have a song stuck in my head. A few days ago I watched” Bohemian Rhapsody” on HBO. It was good. I love Queen, and of course, Freddy Mercury. The movie had a short clip from the” I Want To Break Free” video where they’re dressed up in drag and Freddy comes in pushing a vacuum cleaner. I remember when it was on MTV. I thought it was brilliant and I loved the song. So I had to look it up on Spotify to get my fix. I Want To Break Free might be my favorite Queen song. Didn’t Freddy have an amazing voice? What a great inspiration he was.

12 thoughts on “Blue Horse, Red Sky, Yellow Grass watercolor”

  1. This horse in its environment is gorgeous. I think more bleeding and you are in to abstract composition based, as they say in figuration!

    Freddy had a marvellous voice. Did you know he was by ethnicity an Indian Parsee (Zoroastrian). You probably know all this. He grew up, if I recall, in east Africa and went to England when the Indian populations were thrown out of east Africa. I grew up with Queen and love him and his music!


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    1. Abstract composition based in figuration, that’s a good description. Thanks.
      They bring up Freddy’s nationality in the movie. Wherever that voice and larger than life personality came from, send more! The world is missing that great talent.

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  2. Freddy Mercury was a singular talent. There will never be another like him. With art, I think we have to learn to see our own singular talent and know that our creations are uniquely our own. Nobody else can draw or paint like you. No one else can draw or paint the same way I do. That’s part of what makes art such a fascinating journey.

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