Beach in charcoal and chalk


It was hot but cloudy with wind, so that made it tolerable for sketching the view from the overlook on the boardwalk going over the sand dunes. The bench was too hot to sit on, though. That’s ok, I like to stand up to sketch. I didn’t stay long.

I’d like to try to paint this with watercolors at home. I took my color swatch charts and picked some colors to work with. It’s almost a monochromatic color scheme, especially since it got cloudy. I’ll keep it kind of monochromatic with some faint tints of color when I paint it and see if I can get the values close to reality. The horizon line was fuzzy from the distance and straight so I’m going to try on a scrap of paper first to get the look I remember. If I use gray in the sky, I should probably use gray in the water and avoid the bright blues which I’d rather use.

That’s the plan. Keep your fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “Beach in charcoal and chalk”

  1. You live in such a rich world of tones and monchromes and tints and colours which move below the horizon line. Or it could be above. You describe your work simply enough for me to understand.

    But I am not fooled that I could do any of this! I’m so enjoying your adventures and yes……the best of luck because if it was me, everything would be a scrambled mess!!

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    1. Thanks so much for those nice thoughts! If you like the monochromes the east coast is pretty all year. Sometimes I get tired of it and want to go west away from the green. When I get past the corn I’m like, oh yeah, red in the landscape. I make my share of scrambled messes too. šŸ˜‰

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