Spirit Horse Head in Clouds


It’s a clouds experiment. I can’t tell if it looks like clouds to the viewer or not. If it looks like something else, that’s what it is. I painted it in Plein air from my balcony with watercolor and the clouds were moving. I used masking fluid on my fan brush and white oil paint stick first to block out some white and to see if I could make a soft and fluid cloud texture. When it was dry I rubbed off the masking fluid with an eraser.

The horse is another drawing with a black oil paint stick taped to a yardstick to make it fun.

I’m just goofing around at home with the horses for models and trying different things with watercolors but I’m going to get back out in plein air tomorrow and get back to the landscape next.

The weather is improving.  YEA!

8 thoughts on “Spirit Horse Head in Clouds”

      1. Oh wow, this is so weird… only NOW that I’m back for a second look, I’m seeing the clouds you were talking about! Before I only saw white shapes, as in 2D flat cave-painting style… so for example I saw a slanted man in a raincoat just under the horse’s neck (45 degree angle, head touching neck)… I saw a small white horse, just a ways to the right of the black horse, near the right edge of the painting… I saw a ram coming out of the black horse’s forehead… I saw a little person falling in the clouds just to the right of the man… I thought these were on purpose by the way!

        And now, I see the clouds, in 3D.

        I really really like this painting! And I loved your description of how you made it

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