watercolor fun time / dunes


They gave all of us Plein air artists a great swag bag at the Ghost Ranch with a lot of art supplies. The thing I wanted to try first is this little color sample test palette  with 6  dry colors from QoR Modern Watercolors made by Golden. I was just playing around and made the colors bleed because it’s kind of fun to see what you get when they mix and also to watch the bleed.

That’s Mars Orange Deep on the dunes with Indanthrone Blue in the shadows and Manganese Blue in the sky. The blues don’t show up right in this photo because I took it in the yellowish light over my work table. They’re both good blues in real life.

They are some real nice bright colors and I might buy tubes of them in the future.

It rained today and it might rain tomorrow. That’s ok. It’s been dry here for 3 weeks. I started my watercolor at the Pleasure House Point marsh, but didn’t get very far with it yesterday. I will finish that thing some time soon. Not exactly sure how to proceed.  At least I had good weather for my vacation. I’m glad I made it home before the bad weather moved in out west.

2 thoughts on “watercolor fun time / dunes”

  1. Spectacular. In reality when you look at dunes, are the colors and shades discrete or do they bleed?

    Are you saying it’s unfinished?! How do you know that? I ask because it does look spectacular as is.


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    1. The shadows on the dunes have some soft blending and some have a few hard edges in real life. These aren’t the colors I saw in nature. I was just goofing around making it a little abstract. It’s finished and will soon go in the circular file, after I waste the other side of the paper on some other color test. 😉 Glad it looks good to you. Now I know those colors work together well. The one I started at the marsh a month ago is unfinished. Thanks, Sarah! I guess it’s the contrast and complimentary colors that you like about this one. The painting of the marsh might seem drab compared to this when I post it.

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