the world is a vampire


This is for Inktober.

Do you remember a band called Smashing Pumpkins? They had a song I liked and the first lyrics were, “The world is a vampire.” I think about them every year in Oct.

Back then, a local radio station called the Buzz had a pumpkin carving contest and I entered. You had to put the word buzz somewhere on your pumpkin. I cut the bottom off the pumpkin and saved it to use as ears and tongue. I got a lush looking piece of moss out of the woods and put it on top of my pumpkin with toothpicks for hair. To make the face I carved off the orange color top layer of the pumpkin except for the lips and eyebrows which I left natural, dug out some eye sockets and stuck some google eyes in the holes. Then attached the tongue with buzz written on it in magic marker by sticking it in a little slot I cut open between the lips, and stuck the ears on with toothpicks. It was the winner! The D.J.s called it the Chia pumpkin. I got 2 free tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins and took my daughter, Sarah.

It was a good concert, Sarah’s first concert ever. Billy Corgan was like a demon onstage.

In unrelated art news that guy who was so interested in buying my unfinished watercolor a few days ago, he’s a scammer. I’m sure of it. I’ll just keep the painting. For a while there, I didn’t get any robo calls. I should have listened to my instincts and not called him, but  he asked me to call him so he could buy the painting.  Now he has my number because I texted him the painting was finished if he wants to see it. Darn it, I got a robo call last night, but that’s not the only reason I think he’s a scammer. He was overly friendly.  First I tried to call him but he didn’t answer and his voice mail was full. Does that sound odd? Someone wants to buy a painting before it’s finished then when you try to call them they’re hard to get and you can only contact them by texting. Too bad a good looking and charming guy like that is a vampire and scammer.

7 thoughts on “the world is a vampire”

    1. Thanks! Good and bad are all around us and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Weird how the perverts and thieves didn’t get me yet and I’ve been going out alone to draw for so many years. I chalk it up to my being left handed and they’re superstitious.

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  1. Sorry about the scammer. Such a bloody nuisance. Off topic sort of, you might be interested in the coincidence that one of the trainers at the barn where I keep my horse has a sister who was the bassist in the Smashing Pumpkins band–D’arcy Wretzky. Wish you had a pic of that winning pumpkin…

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    1. Oh Yeah! I was trying to remember the other band members! Thanks!
      Pumpkin carving has really gone wild since those days! I’m not doing it lately because there’s no kids around.
      Don’t you h8 those robots calls. I keep blocking and more keep coming. They should give up.

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