meme #2


Let’s all mock the art world. This piece of  “art” is probably Dada, which is the anti art. The concept is to be outrageous, to shock or amuse you. Are you shocked or amused? I’m not.

Every idiot involved with this should get audited by the IRS because it looks like a money laundering scheme to me.

I can do trash art too. Stay tuned for “Mashed Potato Venus de Milo”. I’ll be FaMoUs!1


12 thoughts on “meme #2”

  1. A lot of conceptual art rubbish out there. I take this kind of nonsense to be a reflection of what seems to be just an all-round chaos and mounting rubbish in which we live. It is awful.

    I don’t even understand the point of this. Every couple of days, the banana has to be replaced. What a waste.

    The think the artist is the Italian, Maurizio Cattelan. He of the solid gold toilet. At the Guggenheim, I was approached by a staff person to be invited to use the gold toilet. I asked him if there was a camera in the bathroom to take my picture. He said no. I asked him what then would be the point of my using it since only I would know I had used it. What about all my friends? What a lost opportunity for my social media.

    He just looked at me. But he certainly understood that I thought the toilet and everything about it is ludicrous. As ludicrous as my streaming myself live using the silly thing.

    Of course, what really makes me angry about this is that there are artists and artisans everywhere practicing their craft: slowly, industriously etc. Barely making a living.


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    1. oh yeah, the artist that created the toilet! hahaha Thanks for reminding me! He was already FaMoUs! (I just recently found out if you mix upper case and lower case that means sarcasm, so, sorry, but I might do that when talking about trash art.)
      It is possibly a sad state of modern times reflected in art. What happened to art uplifting the spirit? What happened to art being sublime? Why is it a joke? Why is it ugly? Why do con men try to ruin it for the rest of us? Just because they can? I’m just putting these questions out there. I know you don’t have all the answers.
      I have a feeling that in 1000 years this era will be known as a dark age in art.
      We’ll be dead before the art world wises up. I have my doubts that dead people can talk to each other, but if they can, everyone will hate me because I’ll be saying, “I told you so.”
      As always, thanks for your thoughts and story about the golden toilet.


  2. I agree with you.

    This seems to have to do, in the end, with the corruption of art by Big Money. Art is a commodity like any other. I suppose it always was to some extent; but now that is all it is. Once an artist has made his/her name – because art institutions and their agents have made it for him or her – whatever they produce sells and is bought and sold like any other commodity. Cy Twombly is my worst example. Although three separate women artists told me that they appreciated his work.


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  3. The corruption of the art world explained from the belly of the beast herself.

    I have no doubt that the work of many excellent artists never see the daylight because they are not anywhere near New York.

    Note that this article says that artists are the big losers in this system. So, so disheartening.

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    1. I love your phrasing! Yes, it’s sad that the art world doesn’t support artists. Even the non profits are in it to make money off artists. They want the support of artists but don’t give any support. The jury system is corrupt. I’m in the boonies here compared to NYC but that might be changing with the computer age. The list of obstacles for artists goes on and on, sexism, cronyism, egotism with no skill to back it up, con men, what have you. There are non b.s. artists out there but they get frustrated trying to deal with it. Thanks for the link.

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    1. I heard that art should provoke. I guess some jerk started that idea. When I was in art school they said art serves 3 purposes, decoration, illustration and last self expression. Self expression being the least important. Doesn’t provoking seem kind of childlike? Or maybe desperate for attention? Antisocial? Weak? That’s the depths the art world has sunk to, and this guy isn’t alone, but rich and successful. It makes me want to get far far away from the art world. Thanks for talking. We need to all be vocal about this kind of crap so the powers that be know we’re not as gullible as they are.

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      1. i remember my experience in Vienna during a trip in Europe last 2015. There are performance artists there who perform really disturbing so called “art” that somehow it comes of as a cultic propaganda…I agree with you creating your art without the need to immerse yourself in the art world

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      2. That kind of performance sounds hard to watch! Art with political or some type of agenda is for a select few, I guess. I can’t relate Thanks for sharing.


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