unfinished from 2019 swamp update


I swear I will finish this. I have excuses for the delay. Holidays, weather, lethargy, etc. Plus, this is the hard part and I tend to slow down even more when faced with it.

I painted some Spanish moss then put the painting aside for a week or more. I went to the swamp to walk and observe the reflections but didn’t take the canvas. I’ll have to paint the reflections at home so I can make them look like a dim mirror of the trees. There’s no need to take all my gear out there. It took me weeks to think this through.

I decided to make the reflections exactly mirror the trees because the water is flat, no movement. They should have fuzzy edges and not be as bright as the trees. The reflections should be the trees upside down and in the right places directly under the trees.  I tried to flip them using tracing paper and charcoal. The charcoal didn’t show up so I tried chalk and that worked. Now I can visualize the reflections on the canvas! It took hours.

The next big step that’s slowing me down is mixing the colors again. That could take hours. Then, painting the reflections will be slow because I want to go over the edges with my fan brush and slightly blend them.

After I get the reflections painted I’ll do another coat of glazes on the foreground and make it brighter.  I can go back to the swamp to finish the painting. Painting at home is boring compared to painting in Plein air. There’s too many distractions here too.

Now I’m really going to finish this. For sure. I promise.


12 thoughts on “unfinished from 2019 swamp update”

  1. It all makes me laugh because a non-painter like me could not tell at which exact point you, the painter will think it finished!

    It is marvellous.

    When you have finished it, will you post not only a photo of the whole but only of its piece parts. I know that some art professionals think that the way laymen photo piece parts is bizarre. But if one has the whole picture in which to context these piece parts, I don’t think so. I hope you agree?

    Happy new year. We have repeated this phrase so much that now we believe it is happening!


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    1. Thanks about the painting! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading my thought process and steps. Do you want to see close ups of focal points and layers of paint when I’m finished? I guess that’s what you mean. Maybe some so called professionals think that’s not good to do, but it’s fine with me if the viewer zooms in on sections. Also, happy New Year to you! Yep, it could turn out to be a good one!


  2. Yes, I would like photos of anything you think would show what has gone on here, if you understand me.

    I am shocked at how blase I have become about images: I suppose because we look at so many on the screen. So I am more and more careful at looking at paintings now. The experience of looking becomes richer and you become a whole lot less blase when you see what work it has taken. To the extent that it can be seen at all.

    I have my blog in part because I want to show the details!


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    1. Ok. If I take some close ups when I’m finished you’ll see the detail and time in layering the glazes. Thanks for your interest in all that. Detail isn’t really appreciated much in the art world these days, but I like it too. I never thought of taking close ups before, probably because I’m not much of a photographer.

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