Lego sculptures @ Norfolk Botanical Garden


Gardener with Grandchild – 76,840 legos, 740 hours to buildIMG_2437

Birdbath – 14,802 legos, 200 hoursIMG_2438

Peacock – 68,827 legos, 200 hoursIMG_2439

Giant Bloom of Violet Pansy – 29,314 legos, 740 hoursIMG_2440

Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly – 27,788 legos, 515 hoursIMG_2441

Bonus photo , daffodils. Looks like it might be an early spring here. I’m going back this week to sketch a Magnolia branch so I can use those studies of magnolia flowers I did last year in a finished pastel drawing.

The legos are making me want to buy a set. What a fun inspiration for kids of all ages!

8 thoughts on “Lego sculptures @ Norfolk Botanical Garden”

  1. Those are really awesome. I saw the entire collection a few years ago at our Museum here in Ottawa. There were so many sculptures but the most impressive was a recreation of a dinosaur. We brought my grandson and took photos. The sculptures were all created by one man, an American I believe. You can find the story online. This man has made his hobby into a career and earns his income by displaying his LEGO art around the world.

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    1. Maybe you can buy them cheaper in bulk and order the exact colors you want if you need a large amount.
      I was thinking of making a base shape out of some kind of air drying clay and pressing the legos into it instead of building them up by snapping them together the way they’re made to be used. It might be a waste of time and money though.


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