my needlepoint


This is a needlepoint I did long ago but didn’t know how to finish it so I just put strips of bias tape around the edges and mounted it on a piece of burlap.  It’s my version of PA. Dutch folk art flowers.

I was repackaging a bunch of fabrics I haven’t used and saw this in there.  It would be neater for my moving guys if the fabrics were in a box instead of that big plastic bag. This goes in the box now, to be rediscovered if I die. hahahah

I should show you my attempt at quilting from long ago.

9 thoughts on “my needlepoint”

  1. Ha! I love this. First off, beautiful work! But your mention of the finishing made me chuckle. I had the same problem with needle works – would be nice if the patterns gave some kind of suggested use for them! My aunt recently did a pattern that ended up being made into a pillow. That worked out beautifully. She put decorative piping in between the sewn-together sides.

    I love the way you finished this – and I’ve seen some burlap works where people then stretched the burlap needlepoint work within a floating/empty/larger old wooden frame, using zig-zag “laces” – how do I explain it – kind of sewing it with wide, taught stitches of jute or other yarn between the needlework/burlap raw edge and the frame. that also looked good.

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    1. Thanks! I had a book of different stitches and never decided what to do with it when it’s finished, or maybe never read the last chapter of the book. I forget. Yesterday I thought I could sew a flange on it because now I do know how to do that. I did the sampler on regular needlepoint canvas but I put it on burlap to protect the back. I guess there might be more than one way to finish it. I really should frame it or something.

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      1. That was the same for me. I had a lot of small needleworks I didn’t know what to do with, and one bigger one, I guess that’s why I babbled on about it here. :)) The small ones I ended up glueing onto greeting cards for friends/family, the bigger one is still in some pile somewhere. :))

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      2. I should finish it for my daughter. She’ll never do it. I have a bunch of art and sewing projects scattered around in random boxes with other things that could all get thrown out without her going through everything that’s in there if I die unexpectedly. In fact she asked me to pre pay my funeral so she doesn’t get ripped off, and I told her not to worry about it. I feel fine, but my mom and sister aren’t going to live long. Now I think I might make my cremation urn ahead of time. I’ll take a pottery class when I get settled in the next place. (facing my mortality) I appreciate your ideas.

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      3. Omg! That is so cool about the urn idea. Yes for sure the more we can plan ahead for all that the more our kids will have an easier time of it I think. I like the way you think, it’s really generous. (And brave – facing mortality – not all of us can do this). xoxo

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