Redbud tree / pastel and charcoal


Redbuds are native here and I love to see them in the woods when I’m driving. Suddenly you see a slash of purple by the road and the other trees aren’t leafed out yet. Then they go back into hiding and are indistinguishable from the underbrush until they bloom again.

This one is in the botanical garden and I saw a couple more over there. As soon as the weather clears up I’ll go back and get another sketch. Last year I got an ok  sketch, if I can find it. I need one more and I can start planning a painting.

I’ll need another big canvas so they’re not crowded. This paper is 11 x 14 and too small. I haven’t decided on what to use as the background or if I want to put other spring flowers in the painting. This painting might not happen until next year, I don’t know. I’m kind of distracted this week and it’s cloudy and rainy too, so, maybe in a couple weeks after I get settled in my next apartment, and some other things are settled… By then they’ll be done blooming though.

That’s one problem of this artist, life’s distractions can stop me from drawing and painting.  (temporarily) The simpler my life is, the easier it is to concentrate on art. When things get complicated it isn’t as easy to do. I can still get out and sketch for a few hours on nice days but working on a finished painting won’t happen for a few weeks.

7 thoughts on “Redbud tree / pastel and charcoal”

  1. Amen on the distractions and life getting complicated. For too long I let those complications and distractions keep me away from the art for extended periods that were way too extended. Now I find that it is more important than ever to make time for art, to make time to get into the studio, even when life isn’t simpler. I’m just not myself if I can’t get the hours in.

    Keep at it and roll with it even when you don’t get the art time you want. You’ll make up for it, I manage to. You do beautiful work and it is apparent you are not stopping any time soon.

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    1. For sure! It gets easier when you retire from the regular workforce, but not always. I’ll slow down on the art sometimes, but really want to get back to it. Thanks for the encouragement and the same to you!

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