Cypress trees and knees / charcoal and chalk


Is social distancing driving you crazy? I’m ok. That’s the story of my life. It’s not what I’d have chosen for myself because I enjoy the company of people who like to talk. It’s just the way it worked out and it took some time to get used to. Now I feel ok with isolation. It can be liberating. My daughter isn’t too far away and I see her some times.

I’m not worried about catching Corona.  I know it could kill me but I rarely ever catch a cold. Do I live a real healthy lifestyle? Nope. The thing that keeps me immune is my lack of exposure to viruses. The main thing I’m worried about is how this panic will affect the economy. That will recover too, but meanwhile a lot of people have serious problems because of it.

If isolation is getting you down the best thing you can do for yourself is go outside. Any activity you enjoy makes social distancing tolerable if you can get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

I really enjoyed sketching in the swamp today. The weather is great! It’s a good thing I got there when I did because when I left the parking lot was slam packed and cars were lined up at the gate to get in.

About the sketch : I decided to stop working on it and I didn’t do any reflections on the water. I might be able to use this sketch in a painting eventually but the reflections are a problem I don’t have to face until I actually get into the paint.

15 thoughts on “Cypress trees and knees / charcoal and chalk”

  1. Same as above!!! I love this one! Also I’ve been thinking of cypress, lately, symbol of Hades in the Greek myths (what with spring and all) – feels divinely connected, Chris!

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      1. Same about cypress! It was a random factoid I came across when I was trying to title some poem or other. You’re welcome, I truly love it! Could I ever use your images for my posts, if the mood struck? (Obviously I would link with full credit. :))

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      2. Looking forward to it! Maybe I can do an illustration for something you write too, if you need a drawing. I can’t make any guarantees on that though, that I could actually illustrate a poem already written. And I might need tech help cause links and things are not my strong point.

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      3. That is so kind, but usually I just grab an image last minute from the web before publishing, conversely, I would use one I’ve already seen and sort of weave an existing poem or piece around it. This one, for example! But you have many, many good ones to choose from. And what I would do is just screenshot the image from your site, then put your name and a link back to the page I found it at, at the bottom of the post, on my own piece. Sort of like I did on the poem I published today. :)) xoxoxo

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      4. Oh, OK. Do you want me to finish the sketch? It wouldn’t take long. I didn’t do the reflections. If you want the last one. But I have more cypress sketches to post next week. What ever you do with one of my sketches will be great! I love your writings!

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