cypress tree w. pollen swirling on water


If I hadn’t told you that was pollen you might not guess. I’ll try to remember to take my camera along next time I sketch there. The pollen is making some interesting designs on top of the black water.

I think the swirly shapes on still water with the tree represents uncertain times and something not being affected. (me) And nature isn’t affected either but unlike the tree, I can easily uproot myself and getthehelloutofdodge if a situation becomes intolerable.  Since the crisis started my life hasn’t changed. I’m not joining the mass hysteria.  I’m not afraid to go out and last night on the news they showed some surfers and the anchor talked about how getting out and getting some exercise is a great stress buster. So that was encouraging. The state parks are open and busy. They’re not talking about martial law. It’ll never happen here. And I’m not going to catch corona. Stay tuned, you’ll see.

14 thoughts on “cypress tree w. pollen swirling on water”

  1. Oooooh, I love this one!! I love the swirls juxtaposed against the straight/bent twiggy lines of the branches. There is also a joyful-feeling solid energy in this one, just as you describe your own feelings and mentality in your text.

    Same here for “not joining the mass hysteria.” I’m trying to understand it better, if anything… but I use very little time on that. The kids and T are happy to be home, and I’m happy to have them here. Sometimes I worry for the future of the human mentality… but that’s a waste of time also. Posts like these are a blessing these days… thank you.

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    1. Thanks so much for your great interpretation of the sketch! I’m not one who really believes we can project feelings to the universe, but for those who do believe it, I hope we can project some strength out to others who are suffering. I want to tell people this will pass. I’m glad you feel the same about the mass hysteria. And that things are ok with you and yours. Thanks so much for your great thoughts, as always.

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      1. “I hope we can project some strength out to others who are suffering.” — yes, you’ve said it beautifully… that’s how I feel too… sometimes I’m lost as to how… other than just carrying on in my own way online. But you’ve done it perfectly here. Thank you Chris, for your lovely reply. Happy painting/sketching :))

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