Angel watching over me.


This is another one  of my favorites that didn’t get stolen. Now it represents my angels on wordpress who I never met but actually care. Thanks everyone for your understanding and support. It means so much to me.

About the drawing: When I first started drawing in Plein air, 2006 I think, I went into Hollywood cemetery looking for a good view and the sad stone angels grabbed me! Hollywood Cemetery is still burying people but it’s a tourist attraction in Richmond because of all the famous dead guys there. It was a real rough time in my life and the cemetery was my refuge. I practiced figure drawing there for a few years. The grave diggers called me the angel lady.

This statue is missing the hand holding the wreath. Vandals took it. After I improved on figure drawing I was able to draw the missing hand. I considered it a major accomplishment.

I have so much to do today and tomorrow that I might not keep up as well with likes and comments, so don’t worry if I miss something.

Thanks again my friends. This angel is you.

16 thoughts on “Angel watching over me.”

    1. hi Rhonda
      Yeah, I posted a sign. haha I called the thief an idiot. It’s still there. The paper matches the door. You have to be up there to see it, so I’ll keep checking until they take the sign down. They’re giving me back my deposit and I offered a reward at the complex to anyone who finds my stuff. Thanks about the drawing.

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    1. I just heard VA. is going on lockdown but we’ll still be able to go out. so hmmm I don’t know. I made a reservation at a hotel at Rudee inlet. I knew this was coming. I’ll be glad to be at the hotel as long as I can. I broke the lease where I got robbed and they’re refunding my money. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you’re doing ok over there too.


  1. Amazing work of art…. and yet also very different from most of what I’ve seen of yours. You have such talent. The folds of the robes!!! Lovely post too. xoxoxoxo 💛🌷

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  2. Goodness gracious, Chris. I missed the part where You got robbed. I am so sorry that happened to You but am so happy You’re alright! And this drawing is CRAZY beautiful!!! Sending Much Love Your way….❤️❤️❤️!

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