Self Portrait / collage


You might think I look like Venus. It’s me. I’m left handed. hahahah

After my art folders and favorite paintings got stolen a couple days ago I wondered what was missing and what I still have. I still have one big cardboard folder with some things I was really glad to see. This is one of them. That’s me painting in the nude under the weeping cherry.

I also have a bunch of oil paintings that I’ll try to keep.

12 thoughts on “Self Portrait / collage”

  1. No hint of what happened to them? They cannot be far. Any cameras in the lobby if anyone tries to remove them from the lobby because they probably will be sold online,

    I like this painting. Is the figure the collage? When did you do this? Sarah

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    1. No sign of my stolen art. so far. I’ll check with the office today about cameras. I doubt it, but I’m not giving up hope yet.
      The figure and the tree are pastel on paper collaged onto a painted background

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    2. Sarah, If you want to play detective and you can find my art for sale online I’ll give this collage to you. I really h8 computers. WordPress is as far into social media as I can stand to go. Thanks for caring.


      1. Thank You. I hope You land somewhere that makes Your heart soar soon. Happy You are enjoying Your view from the hotel!!! That’s a wonderful frame of mind!!! A plus plus and GARGANTUOUS hugs! 🤗❤️😊

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