Stolen art returned!!


The Goddess of the Harvest / pastel

A guy just called me from the same apartment complex where my art was stolen, different building and told me he had my art. He found it propped up at his door. He knew it was stolen. My phone number was on the back of this drawing. He’s an artist too, also named Chris, and refused to take a reward.

I’m so glad to see this one again! All I can say is thank God. I got my stuff back. And thanks to everyone that was pulling for me to get my art back! I never would have figured prayers would help me but maybe they did!  Everyone come over tonight and let’s celebrate! the drinks are on me!

The model for this is another statue in Hollywood cemetery. She’s holding a wreath over a grave and I changed it to a cornucopia. I think I took the wings off her, but that was long ago, like 2008 or so, I forget.

My computer is still on the fritz. It won’t upload another photo.


37 thoughts on “Stolen art returned!!”

  1. Wonderful.

    Tell me what time you are drinking and I will raise a glass. Probably more because everything else out there is looking really dire!

    Will you be putting your # on the back of everything now? With a skull and crossbones?

    Good for you and your patience on this!


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    1. So many strange things for me to think about. That’s my weird life. Now here I am at a hotel with a view I’ve always wanted to draw. Odd how it happened! Is karma messing with me? God? My daughter said I’m a magnet for weird. That it’s not my imagination.


  2. I’m wondering about what transpired in the thief’s mind to decide to leave your art in front of another artist’s door? That to me is the really weird part. On another note, before I got a book seal I used to write “Stolen From:” and my name on the inside cover of the book. I never had one stolen, but I doubt those words were the reason.😊

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    1. The other building that the artist lives in is on a courtyard with the one I almost moved into. I guess the thief saw that guy taking canvases to his apt and knew he’s an artist too.
      I guess I’ll start signing my paintings or putting my phone # on everything.


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