Rudee Inlet sketch and photo


This is a sketch I can use for a pastel on this nice rough sanded paper. I’ll go over it again later and even up my lines. That’s all freehand, no ruler either, so, it’s still a little rough, but an improvement over my first try.

To me architecture is as hard to draw as the figure.

I’m planning a nocturn. Tonight I’ll mark in the lights with chalk and pastel then make my sky dark. There’s too much light from the city to see stars but the moon was big and bright before sun up the past few days. I’m undecided if I should put the moon in the picture or not.


This is my first rough. I worked on it for a couple hours and stopped. At first I wanted to draw the whole bridge but when I got this far I could see it wasn’t working out. This rough helped me decide to start on the left so I could draw the narrow inlet where boats go through. I had these lines so I transferred this to the bigger better pastel paper and it was easier to draw the second time making corrections as I went.


This is what it looks like to my camera during the daytime with clouds rolling in.

Tomorrow I can get the keys to my new apartment and put some thing in it. Then Sat some moving guys are coming to unload my mini storage and put my stuff in the new place. I don’t know if I’ll finish this pastel nocturn. I’m tempted to stay at this hotel until I do but on the other hand, I want to sew masks for nurses. As soon as I get my sewing machine plugged in I’m going to get with the mask sewers group and sew for the hospital for free. A lady told me Joanne Fabrics is donating the materials to the group. I think it would do me some good to make myself useful in the emergency.

Also, I bought a nice souvenir of my week at the oceanfront, a mermaid statue, on sale. She can hold a small potted plant. So she’s my model when I move away from the beach inland a few miles if the state park is closed and I have to pay to park at the beach.

I’ll miss walking on the beach. (sigh) I won’t be bored though.

13 thoughts on “Rudee Inlet sketch and photo”

  1. That’s going to be a really cool painting…already is! Congrats on the apartment and YAY about the sewing. I think I am going to do the same after I finish a couple of projects. Cheers and Rock On! šŸ¤—ā¤ļøšŸ˜Š

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    1. Thanks about the pastel! And the new apt is nice! After I finish the pastel I’m going to make masks but not the totally germ proof ones because I don’t have he proper materials. I’ve been really distracted lately, not as much from corona as from moving again and unpacking.
      Stay safe! You Rock!

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  2. Hi Chris, thank you for the like on my blog. I’ve just been having a read of your recent posts, and was so upset to hear your paintings got stolen. And then I read they got returned. How wonderful. Perhaps, whoever took them, somehow thought the other artist had overlooked them or some such thing, and thought they’d do a favour and leave them outside his/her door. (looking on the bright side).
    So glad you got to hear a kookaburra while you were over here. Funny little chaps. Bring a smile to every Aussies face. Except when they are stealing your sausages off the barbecue.

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    1. Hi Gwendoline, Thanks for reading my blog. That’s generous of you to think the person who took my artwork was doing an artist a favor but I’m pretty sure they were trying to steal something they could sell for drug money and only returned my stuff because they realized they’d get caught and prosecuted when the maintenance guys went in the apt to replace air filters or whatever reason they give this month.( The maintenance guys around here are invading your privacy every 6 or 8 weeks.) The thief couldn’t sell my art. hahah
      Yeah, ever since I was a little kid and we sang that song about kookaburras I’ve always wanted to hear one in real life. They are a scream! That’s funny they’ll steal your sausages off the barbie! They have loads of personality!

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