making myself useful


I finally found the group that supplies the materials for people who volunteer to sew masks for nurses or for the community, Maskforce. I just picked up 5 packets of precut fabrics. There’s enough in each bag for 10 masks, so 50 in all here. Now I have to watch the instruction video but I don’t think it will be too difficult compared to say, a slipcover.

That’s my trusty singer 191, an industrial machine. I’m the only one that ever sewed on it and it never drops a stitch.

My self esteem is improving already! I’m so glad I can be of some use in this time of crisis.

19 thoughts on “making myself useful”

  1. Industrial machines are the best! I had the opportunity to sew on a few of them when I took an upholstery class. Wouldn’t want to try anything fancy on one, but when you have a straightforward project they are the true workhorse!

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    1. They are a workhorse! In the tutorial the lady is using a zig zag stitch and my Singer only does straight stitch. I have another small machine that does zig zag. I might use both machines. Or maybe I can get by with the Singer and just the straight stitch which is the better machine.

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  2. We’re just now getting the “sewing area” set up here in our new home, and my husband is thinking of making masks. I did find some knitting patterns online, so I’ve made several masks that way. It does feel good to use our creative energies for something useful and necessary.

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      1. Here was sewing everyone since the middle of March. And we were lucky in my country, not to catch the worst portion of the virus. Hopefully the world will overcome it soon! Stay safe.

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      2. Yeah, I’m a little late to the party. I moved and was at a hotel for 2 weeks. Then I didn’t find the mask making group until last week. That’s ok. The cable tv guy told me we hit the peak here yesterday. I haven’t watched the news for 2 weeks either.
        They’re worried about a secondary or even third peak but I don’t think it will happen. So much panic but I’m not scared. Thanks! You be safe too!

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