50 free masks for nurses


There they are all lined up on the back of my sofa before going out this afternoon.

It will be great to have the masks on the faces of 50 health care pros tomorrow. I must say, this is a great organization I hooked up with, the Covid19 Sewing Taskforce for Hampton Roads. They have over 1200 volunteers including me and have made 10,975 masks so far for 22 health care institutions. A lot of the fabric is donated but they have people donating money too and are buying fabrics. People that can’t sew help in other ways like cutting the fabrics and making kits for seamstresses.

There must be a wire shortage because one of my kits had pipe cleaners instead of wires. Since they had precut the fabric I could knock out 50 in two days for them. I did around 15 before I hit my stride.

The cable tv guy had to come over today and hook me up because I can’t do it and my son in law was stumped as to why it didn’t get the signal. The cable guy asked me to sell him one of the masks. I told him I can’t sell them, those were for nurses. Those cable guys, they have to go into people’s houses and wear a mask but the company isn’t giving them masks, I guess, because he was wearing a dirty old construction mask. He wants a mask he can wash.

I have a box full of scraps of cotton so tomorrow I’m going to sort through the pieces and cut masks for the cable guys. I got his phone #, told him I’ll call him in a couple days and give him cotton masks for himself and his coworkers.

Then maybe next week I’ll sew more for nurses. People seem to think this crisis will go on for a while but I think it’s almost over. I’ll sew more for a little while then I’ll get back to art projects.

19 thoughts on “50 free masks for nurses”

  1. just thought I’d share…Pixels, where I sell some of my photos, sells face masks. I’ve provided a link to one of mine at the online store. They are washable – either polyester or cotton, not sure which. They also have the artists designs on them. Just an option…
    I’ve also seen people wearing bandanas (we do), and hunting masks.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Thanks for the info and link! I have a scarf that I take along in case they don’t want to let me in without a mask. I’d wrap that around my face. So far I didn’t need it. About half the people in the grocery stores wear a mask around here and only a few people wear them outside on the trail.

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      1. We only wear masks when shopping or dealing with the public. We figure being outside is relatively safe. Of coarse, where I live, is open air country… but we have one on us, just in case!
        Love your artwork!

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