I think I’ll quit blogging


This is my computer screen with the flashing lines that are driving me crazy. Sometimes they go away then they come back. I don’t want to take it to Best Buy to get it fixed.

I was going to quit when I got to 1000 followers but it doesn’t make any difference, really.

I’m posting this so my blog friends don’t think I got corona and died.  I’m ok and probably won’t catch it because I’m a hermit even without the social distancing thing.

Thanks for the encouragement and support.

I’ve spent too many hours on the computer.


14 thoughts on “I think I’ll quit blogging”

  1. Ah. Got ya. I come and go as well….sometimes for years. I completely get it. I’m so sorry about Your computer though. Not trying to entice You back to blogland…but have You tried going into Your time machine and taking it back to a date before that started happening? Ack. It’s been a true pleasure! Rock on!!! Huge hugs Your way!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. So sorry. Technology is okay when it works but it’s very frustrating and time consuming when it doesn’t. I think half the time it ends up in Mars going around!
    I’ll miss seeing your work, take care, from one hermit to another! x

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  3. Sorry to see you go Chris. I think I’m going to quit too, not for computer reasons but I have no audience after two years. 😕 I have one last post coming out today and then I think that’s it for awhile. From one hermit to another, keep making art! For what would the world be without art? ~ Rhonda

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