Poe’s Enchanted Garden / oil

Whoa, I’m venturing out of my comfort zone, trying the new WordPress editor.

This is an old favorite painting of mine that I did a few years ago in Richmond VA. at the Poe museum. I’m using it here for the new editor experiment.

About the new editor / Blocks with symbols keep popping up.

Could this be something I’ll get used to? Probably not. hahahah

Too many changes for this old boomer!

AAAAH! Make the blocks go away! They’re covering my words! They’re EVERYWHERE!

Get me out of here!

13 thoughts on “Poe’s Enchanted Garden / oil”

  1. My feelings too! I’ve gone back to preparing my posts in – html – then cut and paste.

    This has got to be another of my favourite paintings of yours. I love the way you have rendered the brickwork and your clever use of light and shade. The windows in half shadow draws me in. It’s another of yours that is full of ‘life’.

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    1. oh, cut and paste, another thing I can’t do.
      Thanks about the painting. I guess the life in it comes from me hanging around there for a few weeks to paint. Those blue forget me nots aren’t really there. I made them up so I could give Poe some nice flowers he might like. In another painting I gave him wisteria, but I think I tossed that painting cause I got tired of it.

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    2. no, I think those blue flowers are bluebells that I stole from the botanical garden and put in Poe’s garden. (art magic, you can steal flowers from the botanical garden and get away with it. hahaha, no actual theft of flowers occurred, it was only in my imagination)


  2. I haven’t tried the “new” editor yet. I don’t want to! I’m still getting used to the last “new” editor. I just want the old WordPress that’s easy to use. Is that too much to ask? You’re a brave soul for trying. And, I love your painting.

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    1. Thanks about the painting, Art. I’m going to use the new editor again and see if it’s easier the next time. I don’t know if it will let me go back to the old one. Their notice said the old one ends on June 1. We’ll see if they really make everyone switch or not.


  3. I’ve been using the same editor since day 1, about 11 years ago. I took a brief (like one post) detour to another editor but quickly returned to the original. I’ve seen the encouraging blurbs to try the new one, but have no desire to do that. The old one is just fine with me. I guess we’ll see if I have to be forced into it.

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    1. I’m using the old one again. I think it’s easier. If you try the new one and go back to the old one it doesn’t make sense to force us to change. Blogging is enough work without making it harder. Thanks for sharing your experience with it, Alli.


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