Today’s wildlife report from Virginia Beach

Oysters spit.

I was walking at Pleasure House Point and stopped to look at some oysters. A bunch of times I saw little jets of water shoot up. It was kind of funny. I never knew they did that.

Human wildlife

I found another good place to sketch that I didn’t see before. There were boats beached on a sand bar and people out on the sand in the middle of the inlet. The tide was low. A boat was blasting country music.


I saw an egret, a sand piper and a small heron.

I think the osprey chicks in the nest out back are learning to fly. I saw one fly to the ground and then back up to the nest, and I saw one fly around the nest in high circles. I think those were this years chicks, but I’m not sure.

This photo was lifted from stock photos

Ok. this is my second try using the new editor. It took some time to find the right place for categories and tags. This editor seems more technical or complicated to me.

11 thoughts on “Today’s wildlife report from Virginia Beach”

  1. Well who knew! Lived in that area for a few years, didn’t see nearly enough of the natural world when I was there. Something I regret. Also, this was where I was encouraged to take up painting. Good memories there.

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    1. I think I remember some places called spits around here. I wonder if they got that name because it’s a spit of land going out in the water or because people saw oysters spitting!
      It is a good place if you like birds and nature!

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  2. Can you harvest and eat the oysters? Or are they protected?

    I’m wondering if this is the best time for a new editor. I mean world-shaking and unclear events are going on. Not being able to find this or that may be more aggravating than it would have been at some other time! …….Or it may seem like a minor issue, too.

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    1. I don’t think you can take the oysters at Pleasure House Point. The Chesapeake Bay foundation owns it and they have a program where they give baby oysters in some kind of bags or boxes that people can put in the water on their private property to reseed the bay with oysters. As far as I know they are edible now but there was too much pollution in a couple rivers and you weren’t supposed to eat the ones out of those rivers for a few years. These might be protected since people are leaving them alone. The oysters from the surrounding area are the famous Little Neck ones. People are farming them too.
      About the editors, let’s just see if they make all the bloggers switch. Maybe it won’t happen. A lot of people can’t take the added aggravation. My blog is simple compared to a lot of them so hopefully I can get the hang of it without tech support.

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  3. I love the sound they make as well! That smicky smacky sound! Isn’t it so fun seeing all of this? We have the same here and could sit for hours just watching….listening….Happy weekend Chris! Thank You! 🙂

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