That’s a lot of bronze


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This is just one of many in question. Do they have any plans for all the statues? I have an idea.

Why not open a contest to artists for plans for new statues? I think the metal can be recycled. Is that possible? Would it make it less expensive to make new statues if they could recycle the bronze? Is anyone going to the public meetings on the fate of the statues? I’m not going, but if you’re going to the meetings, maybe you could suggest it.

I’d work up a small clay model of something non offensive and enter the contest if there was no charge to enter.  Like a dragon, that would be cool, or a mermaid because I live at the beach.

They should make the contest free to enter and let the public decide what they want on the pedestals. That would be fair. The public arts commission shouldn’t be trusted to make the decision because they have really bad taste sometimes and might give us something lame because one of their friends entered it and they need to return a favor.   In fact, maybe the public arts commission should be disbanded for letting the monuments stay there until they got torn down. I mean, how out of touch can they get?

If some old confederate wants to buy the monuments and would pay the cities for them. that would be fair too. Then the buyer  could keep the bronze.

Hey, I’m a damn Yankee, I always knew they’d have to come down some day and the confederate generals are not my heroes either. You can ask my friends in Richmond. I told them there would be a big problem and no one could take any responsibility for doing something about it. That would be proactive. It would never happen.

15 thoughts on “That’s a lot of bronze”

  1. I have always been overwhelmed by the number of statues of men on horseback looking down at us.

    I say dismount the men and give them to artists. The horses should be brought to earth and let free fro children to play with. Or big boys who want to be heroes for a day.



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  2. Think about history and all the “conquerors the Great”, who invaded other countries that never attacked those conquerors’ countries– and the statues and heralds made in their honor. If it’s offensive, put the Confederate statues in museums. George Washington had slaves. And his statues and portraits are everywhere. Of course, some will say. “Oh, that’s different.”

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    1. Yes, that’s true. I was thinking about George Washington too. He’s on the dollar bill. That could be a permanent thing, I don’t know.
      We talk about artists that were bad guys and their art gets taken off the museum walls. Times change everything. Then we have to look at those heroes on the monuments and if they were bad guys we take them down and their day is over. I think the historical figures have to face it if artists do. A great man can be not deserving of his greatness in a different time. It’s like the question of can you separate the artist from their art. no. Can we separate the great general from his life which included slaves? no.
      And we’ll get some new heroes or conquerors.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Art.


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