panoramic dune paintings with close ups







Finally finished! time to celebrate!


This is a close up of the small piece of ocean you can see from there. I always see a texture on the ocean. This could be white caps or sparkles. I’ll let the viewer decide if it looks like either one of those. Maybe from far away. Also, you can see the texture of the grass I made with the Inktense pencils.


This is the leaf texture I made with masking fluid to save the lighter leaf colors and use a dark green to darken the shadows. The grass texture in the shade was made with my modified fan brush and masking fluid.

I enjoy making textures. Masking fluid is a great product for that.

Some things I can use from my old school training are how to make a feeling of light by working on my shadows. If you use the full range of values from black to white and put the darkest shadows in under some lighter contrasting shapes, leaves, the viewer gets the feeling of sunlight, and depth. Could you walk in there and get out of the sun? Maybe, but you’ll need bug spray.


This shows a sand slide. The smoother sand is the part that slid down and the top inch or two of the rougher sand is the part of the dune where it broke. I hope you can see what I mean.

I like the way that the dunes mimic the ocean with their wavy shapes and their rising and falling with peaks and breakers, if you can imagine it.

23 thoughts on “panoramic dune paintings with close ups”

  1. Is almost like one can walk right into your paintings. ❤️ I know places that look just like that, and I see your painting – I can almost feel and smell it!!

    Very nice!!! Great talent!

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  2. You are an awesome artist! It’s like your paintings have come to life and we can enter them to see the beauty and scenery, just as Omatra said. Stunning, stunning paintings. I also love the perspectives you drew from. ❤️❤️

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  3. WONDERFUL!!! I’m so excited to see it done. You did a brilliant job. I love the grasses and yes your ocean looks good. I would say sparkling. The various lighter colors are too close together for me to think whitecaps. But I love things that sparkle so that is good! I look forward to your next work!

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    1. Thanks! glad to hear you think of sparkles because the ocean was sparkly when I was there but it’s a difficult thing to do with watercolors and my painting is not as bright as nature.


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