the Peachoid / I 85 at Gaffney South Carolina


not my photo.

It’s a water tower. Interesting info that was new to me has recently been disclosed by my daughter.

I’m planning an art project which will be a pastel still life featuring representations of celestial bodies and I was talking to her about how to represent the moon.

I drove past this a lot of times on my way to Atlanta, GA. and never realized, people call it the Moon over Gaffney. It’s funny. Millenials  love to use emojis  and the peach emoji represents a butt. A butt represents the moon. So people driving past the giant peach thought of a giant butt. It has been repainted.

One time I took Amtrak to Texas when my sister lived there and as the train was speeding through Georgia and I was staring out the window, I saw a bunch of bare butts on the hill next to the tracks. Some kids were “mooning” the train. I’ll never forget it. I was traveling alone and sitting there cracking up. I stood up to see if anyone else in my train car saw the kids mooning the train but no one else was laughing, so maybe they didn’t see the moons. We passed it so fast.

The giant peach goes to show how public art can mean different things to different people. I decided to draw a peach in my still life. Not every one will get the connection.

This project might take some time. It’s too hot outside for me to enjoy drawing in plein air. I’m only now in the planning stage of my next art project, and I like taking my sweet time doing art, which is not the modern way of doing art. The modern way is to make it look spontaneous. I refuse to conform to that nonsensical attitude. I’ll show my progress on the still life as soon as I get something down on paper. Meanwhile, here’s an inspiration, the giant peach / moon.

2 thoughts on “the Peachoid / I 85 at Gaffney South Carolina”

  1. Okay, I don’t think I needed to know people looked at this and thought of a butt. However, (I started to say but), for me it has long marked the halfway point to my parents house outside of Atlanta. Not anymore though since I can no longer stand the drive around Atlanta. My nerves couldn’t do it even one more time after the last. But I am off my point. When I would get to the peach at Gaffney I always had to call. And as I would inevitably leave early mom would freak and say she wasn’t ready yet! Me, I would just be happy.

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    1. I’m so glad my daughter left Atlanta because by the time I got there I was tired driving from Richmond VA. and then had to face some of the worst traffic in the whole country!
      Thanks for your thoughts about the peach / butt / moon! hahahahah now you know the horrible truth about it!
      Isn’t that Atlanta beltway a nightmare!

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