pastel studies of butterfly ginger

I changed my mind.

Doesn’t palette knife painting look like a lot of fun? Instead of watercolor, I think I’ll paint these flowers with my palette knife and not use a brush at all. I need to buy a palette knife set so I have a variety of shapes to work with.

I have 5 studies of these flowers now. That should be enough.

I’m not sure if artists that use the palette knife to paint prime their canvases or not. It might make it a little easier to scrape the paint across the canvas if the canvas is sanded and gessoed and sanded again. That makes it smooth. Then the canvas needs a coat of background color.

I can glom the paint on real thick and try to get it to go where I want it to go without a paintbrush. It will be a challenge making shapes and lines and textures and still making a flower out of it.

I’ll go back to the garden to mix some green colors then I can paint at home.

8 thoughts on “pastel studies of butterfly ginger”

  1. Palette knife painting isn’t as complicated as it may seem. And you don’t need a set of 25 knives to pull it off😂. Start with maybe three— small, medium, large. Use the under, the top, and the edges of the knife. They will give you a variety of different effects. Also experiment with the consistency of your paint—from thick out of the tube to absolutely soupy. Depending on the texture of your canvas you will also get different effects with different paint consistency. Try not to go for absolute accuracy at first, just have fun finding out what thickness, texture, and edges can do for you.

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    1. Hi Allie, I thought I might have to add a few drops of turpentine. I hope to get a more loose sketchy look than I do with a brush. I’d like to get some different textures. I bought a set of 5 for like $20. Thanks for the tips!

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