2nd palette knife painting w close ups

This one came out better than my first attempt.

I did the whole thing with palette knives and split it up over two different days letting the gray green background and the light gray of the flowers dry overnight. The paint was still wet the next day but only slightly dried which helped my brighter greens and white from mixing in as much. So I did layers but I don’t know if that’s how other artists do a palette knife painting.

It was fun and I’ll do another one.

The good thing about a palette knife painting is that you don’t have to clean brushes. The bad thing is that this will take months to dry. I can put it in my outside closet where it will be out of danger.

This time I went over the background twice to add more texture.

The dark green paint was soupy and it ran off my palette knife nicely. I thinned it with terpenoid.

It reminded me of my cake decorating days.

The white paint was like soft icing.

It’s practically impossible to keep the edges sharp.

The palette knife is harder to control than a paint brush. You have to be careful how you scrape up the paint off the palette so it’s on the knife in a good position to make a blob where you want the blob. Paint goes where you don’t want it to go. Most of the time I just let it there but a couple times I scraped up a big blob that fell in a bad place.

6 thoughts on “2nd palette knife painting w close ups”

  1. There really aren’t any rules for palette knife painting. I know many artists who do it in layers, myself included. I do use a medium that contains a dryer, and I do paint in very thin layers—but you don’t have to. You just keep playing with it until you find some techniques that work for you. Here’s an example of one of my larger palette knife adventures if you’re interested. https://allifarkasartist.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/part-2-michigan-orange-bowl/

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    1. Good thing there are no rules! I wondered if I should buy a certain medium. I’ll check it out next time I go to the store. Wow! Your painting came out beautiful! Thin layers?! I love it! Thanks for the tips!

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