new curtains finally up!

big waves on the valance, tie backs reversible.

I’d corkscrew it on there so you could see that look but I’m tired of going up the ladder. Hanging the rods was difficult for me but I got it done! YEA!

I’m letting it like the top photo for a while.

small waves top and bottom / same valance and tie backs

I like this look. It kind of reminds me of a key design.

This is a fun and flirty valance. I’d call it feminine. It’s out of style these days but it’s always been one of my favorites from the years I sewed curtains and slip covers for interior decorators. I made variations of this style a few different times for different places I lived.

I’ve been in this apartment for 6 months and normally I don’t make curtains for every apartment I take because I’ve been moving around so much, but I like this place and I might stay for a while. It’s quiet and no one bugs me.

a close up

If you want to make this style it’s easy. When you hang the valance you start in the center and twist the bottom to the top. Then you move out to either side and twist again and again trying to keep the same size waves.

I could fool around with this more but I need to return the step ladder I borrowed.

It might rain for a few days here. I’ll try to get out to draw but the weather can stop me from going out in plein air and I’ll have to find another project like sewing which is an art too. It’s something you can get creative with and it’s fun if you’re making something for yourself that you need and using your favorite colors.

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