the horrors of modern medicine

pharmaceutical companies and doctors joining forces to turn people into addicts and shorten their lives.

The only kind of doctor I’ll go to is a dentist and even good dentists ruined my bite with ill placed crowns. If I catch corona, which I probably won’t because I’m a freakin hermit, but if I did I’d rather die than go on a ventilator.

As always, feel free to opine.

oil paint on pastel paper painted with a palette knife

4 thoughts on “the horrors of modern medicine”

  1. I’ve been pretty lucky with doctors, especially the surgeon who made my right shoulder all good again. But I’ve had some I didn’t get along with too, and the only solution is to dump them and keep looking. At least none so far have done major damage.

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  2. Ever hear the old joke that the operation was a success but the patient died? Yeah .. a really great doctor is a precious gift. If you’re lucky enough to find one, don’t let go I have one daughter-in-law who’s a nurse and another is a doctor who specializes in making chemo for cancer patients. I consult them before reaching out to a doctor; they’re incredibly knowledgeable and I trust them with my life. My thinking on CV: a mask is a hell of a lot more comfortable than a ventilator. Wear one!

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Nancy! My sister was a nurse and she died from cancer. I’m kind of angry about it so I should probably not talk about that. She was 63. A mask is good. I have to wear one to shop but not on the trail. I don’t see crowds of people on my path and the people I pass aren’t wearing masks either. I’m not worrying about it too much.


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