5 thoughts on “the ghost in the machine”

  1. My computer always acts weird. Which reminds me, it’s time to back it up again. My car hasn’t had a nickname since high school. I didn’t choose it, one of my classmates did. It was an ancient MG and she thought it should be named Midget Goose.

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  2. No. Way. I have a post about the “ghost in the machine” concept going up tomorrow, but in my post it is about how that is really a poor description of what it’s like to be human.

    I’ve never been one who names my cars. I just don’t think that way. But, I had a friend who had two pickups called Granny and, I think, Jed.


  3. My computer sometimes has techno-pixies, but rarely ghosts (although if it did, they would definitely look like the ones in your painting). My first car had a name, and my current car has a name, but many in the middle were unnamed by me. I would hate to think what they called themselves.


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