Pond, Path, Creek, Golf course / sketch and photo

I adde a person walking for scale but I might change the figure in the painting.

I made the path wider so it’s more visible.

This is a plan for a palette knife painting on paper. I’m going to try painting right on top of my charcoal sketch, at home, because it’s going to rain again for a few days. Luckily, I got a few colors mixed in plein air today which I can put plastic wrap on top of and they will be good for a week or more. They say the sun will come out on Sat. too, so I can get back over there and mix more colors.

We didn’t have any frost yet. The trees are showing some color but not a lot. I might fake in some fall color in the background, or I could wait and see what happens, but the beach isn’t the best place for fall colors.

I need to look at this sketch and make some decisions before I get started painting . Like exactly where to start. I mixed some middle ground tree colors in plein air but I should probably start with the sky and background. Or I could try to paint the water first. The water looks different every time I see it, so I might just wing it.


I’m not a good photographer, but this pic is too boring. I’ll get a more interesting painting if I don’t use it, I’m only showing you the photo so you can see how much my naked eye differs from the camera. Which eye is the better representation? The human eye or the camera?

8 thoughts on “Pond, Path, Creek, Golf course / sketch and photo”

  1. Fascinating background story about yourself; thoroughly enjoyed it. Your work is great and I look forward to your posts. Before discovering your blog I had never heard the term ‘plein air’. Thanks for the education!

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  2. Both the camera and the eye have their advantages. Your focus on the path didn’t come through in the photograph, but look at the wonderful reflections of the trees and clouds. There is a lot of beauty in both of your works.

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    1. You’re right. I can only actually see a little of the path from where I was standing and it’s not showing up on my photo unless you enlarge it but I know it’s there and want to have it show more. I think I’ll draw this again before I paint it, I’m not sure. Thanks, Lani!


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