art fraud, how to get away with it

I saw a movie some time ago about these people, Margaret and Walter Keane that made these horrible kitschy paintings sell big. I remember seeing them at the Worlds Fair in NY in 1964 and thought they were bad even as a kid. Now I saw a new movie about them is coming out.

She painted. He claimed he did the paintings and sold them, which goes to show that a good salesman can sell anything. Then she felt like a prisoner in their nice house forced to paint and he was out in the world having fun and she got tired of it and blew the whistle on him. I’d like to see some guy try to keep me prisoner! That would never happen.

Why did she let herself be his prisoner?

I wish I could defraud the art world. It looks like it would be easy. I need a smooth talking man for a partner. I’d be happy to let him take the credit for painting if I had a nice house with a pool and plenty of money.

Hell. I’d paint forgeries too. I could do it. If I ever meet my dream man, a bad guy who would help me get rich by committing fraud on the art world, you’ll never hear from me again because I won’t be able to blog about it

23 thoughts on “art fraud, how to get away with it”

    1. Oh, that sounds like a good read! I’ve always been fascinated with the whole concept of art fraud, forgeries, and how galleries authenticate paintings and artifacts. I’ll have to check this out!

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  1. When I was teaching, we read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. She was another brilliant woman who allowed herself to be mistreated by her husband. I remember telling the students about the most memorable events that must have coloured her world view at the time and certainly would have had an effect on the somewhat bizarre stories she wrote, particularly, The Lottery.

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      1. wow…btw…i read your other comment on my post on my side bar..went to reply and got a message that it was removed as “spam”..wth?? is wordpress censored??i’ve never seen such a thing!!!

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